Edge Vision


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Before phrases like “The Paperless Office” and “Knowledge Management” became commonplace, Edge Systems pondered an interesting question: What if there were a way to provide – from any worker’s desktop – full access to the complete informational assets of an organization? Access not only to data that resided in the rows and columns of a database; but full and unconditional access - regardless of location or format - to ANY INFORMATION OBJECT, be it electronic data, paper documents…even voice and video?


It was our quest to answer this question that has culminated in the delivery of IMEDGE, a robust Enterprise Content Management Solution that delivers on the “Paperless Office” promise of the past.


More than just a software product or consulting service, IMEDGE is a total information resource management solution. IMEDGE provides powerful control over the acquisition, management and delivery of your company’s vital information assets. IMEDGE equips today’s knowledge worker with the tools to navigate through a sea of data to find a single nugget of information. Information that can make the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive marketplace.