Tax Processing

See how Edge is helping the Chicago Department of Revenue (Adobe Acrobat Brochure).
Edge Systemsí is uniquely qualified to assist State, Local and Federal Government Revenue Collection Agencies in automating their tax collection processes. Using our IMEDGE solution, we automate the process using a variety of technologies, including forms processing--which uses Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to collect handwritten or typed data from each tax form. Working with a variety of agencies Edge has amassed experience in designing tax forms that are specifically compatible to the ICR process, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency--and most important, revenue collection for our customers.

Tax revenue collection agencies are facing the need to process more tax forms without increasing resources and costs. For many agencies, the existing method of processing forms requires numerous temporary employees to be hired during tax season to manually enter much of the data. This slow process delays tax collections and refund payments.

Our customers have enjoyed the benefits of our data capture solution. Agencies have processed more tax forms and are completing their tax-processing season on schedule.