Chicago Police Department


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The Police Department produced over 5,500 reports per day and needed an efficient system to manage the storage, retrieval and distribution of this information. Police personnel spent on average 20 minutes searching through folders, photocopying (after having to mask confidential information with tape), then place an official stamp on it, present the copy to the customer then destroy the copy and refile the original.

Edge provided services (Welfare to Work Program participants) that scanned in over 4,000,000 documents into IMEDGE, integrated this information with the department's Criminal History Records Information System (CHRIS) while providing an easy to use interface for indexing and scanning.

The process of retrieving file folders and making photocopies of police reports was cut from 20 minutes to seconds. Due to the increase in productivity, more critical tasks could be done, morale was improved dramatically and criminal reports were efficiently distributed electronically in and around the Chicago Police Department.