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Download the IMEDGE v2 spec sheet (Adobe Acrobat).

Edge Systems is first Illinois small business to receive a state issued Digital ID

The State of Illinois Digital Signature/Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Project provides an enterprise-wide infrastructure to facilitate electronic government services. PKI utilizes public key cryptography and digital signatures along with software to manage digital certificates also known as digital IDs. Building these services into software applications provides the means to authenticate users, ensure privacy and integrity of data, and establish the audit trails needed to give electronic transactions the same or better levels of assurance then the State was able to provide when it did business with paper.

This centrally deployed model will eliminate the need for each governmental entity to individually develop and implement these tools. It will also provide a more workable model for citizens, eliminating the need to deal with multiple PINs, passwords, or encryption keys. After a single registration process the citizen will be issued a digital ID that is quite literally a “key” to electronic government. The digital ID will enable citizens and businesses to identify or authenticate themselves in order to receive personalized electronic services, digitally sign forms to be submitted and send or receive sensitive information in an encrypted form to protect privacy while interacting with any participating government entity.

Edge Systems endorses the PKI project and is proud to be the first Illinois small business to receive a Digital ID.


Edge Employee Highlighted on Local Television Show-- "A Better Place."
Edge employee Evangeline Brown was the subject of a recent TV magazine program "A Better Place", produced by the Chicago Housing Authority. Employed at Edge's Chicago Office, Evangeline was a former Public Housing resident, who through her own determination and with a little help from Edge Systems, is now providing for her family and is on her way to owning her own home. "I knew I didn't want to sit around and wait for a check every month," said Evangeline, in reference to her years on welfare, "And I wanted my son to see that I was doing something." 

Edge has long been a supporter of the Welfare to Work program. "It's good for Edge, for the individual, and for the City of Chicago," said Sam Bishop, Edge Systems' CEO. And Evangeline adds, "It's changed my life." For more information about the Welfare to Work program, click here.


National Forum for Black Public Administrators Honors Edge Systems
Chicago, Illinois – The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) today honored Edge Systems at its “Evening of Appreciation” reception for the Company’s “…generous support of the NFBPA.” The NFBPA stated that “Edge Systems’ generosity has allowed us to pursue our mission to promote, strengthen, and expand the roles of African Americans in all aspects of public service by assisting in the development of effective public administrators.” The event was attended by Sam B. Bishop, CEO, Edge Systems LLC. Visit the NFBPA website.


Edge Systems announces IMEDGE v2

Edge Systems is proud to announce the availability of IMEDGE Version 2. IMEDGE has been updated with a variety of new configuration, operation and user convenience features, including enhanced Indexing, Scanning, and ICR capabilities. 


Please contact your Edge Systems Representative for more information about IMEDGE 2.0.