IMEDGE Document Management Hosting
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An in-house document-management system can pose some big challenges. Hardware and software is expensive, and maintaining the system is a continual burden. Additionally, the document management sys­tem must evolve along with changes in technology and business practices. To achieve this, businesses need to upgrade their system frequently and maintain expertise in document-management technol­ogy and methods, expertise that may lie outside the core competencies of most businesses. We can help our customers avoid these challenges with our document management hosting solution.

Hosting Benefits

Online hosting offers both short and long term benefits over a standard imaging system solution, including:

  • Elimination of maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software. Edge Systems absorbs these costs.  All that is required to view images is a web browser.

  • Annual subscription fee costs less than hiring personnel to maintain the system in house.

  • State of the art hardware and software maintained and provided at Edge Systems’ secure site.

  • Predictable costs

Edge Data Center

Edge Systems has built a secure and highly available Data Center. The Data Center serves as an image repository, and offers:  

  • Fail-over backup servers to ensure 24x7 application uptime

  • Automatic load balancing to ensure accessibility

  • Functional access limited by highly-configurable application-level security

  • Automatic offline data backup scheduling

  • Service-level agreements (SLA) to ensure performance levels are maintained

  • Secure Internet access to application servers, via a private network, etc.

  • Simple sign-up to make adding new users easy

  • User statistics logs showing user activity by application

  • E-mail delivery of user alerts, application reports, etc.

  • Online support via e-mail, real-time Internet chat

The Edge Hosting Solution allows our customers to focus on their business requirements, while we apply our technological expertise to meet those requirements efficiently.