Enterprise Content Management

Download IMEDGE White Paper (Adobe Acrobat).

Edge Systems is focused on providing comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions to government and commercial customers. Using our IMEDGE family of imaging and document management products as a foundation, we provide the ability to manage a wide variety of electronic objects, including images, office documents, graphics, voice, video, e-mail, web content, and other information assets.  

Our IMEDGE solution is used to build a digital repository of these objects, complete with library services such as check-in, check-out, revision control, etc., along with the ability to manage these objects throughout their lifecycles. We then leverage this object repository with a variety of process management capabilities that automate and manage business processes and workflows. Workflow capabilities span simple collaborative or ad-hoc workflows up to high volume production workflows.

Finally, we use Enterprise Application Integration to tie the repository of digital information into external line-of-business systems, user desktop environments, other content storage systems, and more. The result is a comprehensive information resource management system that improves productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing ongoing IT maintenance efforts.