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Document Backfile Conversion Services

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The first major step in deploying an Enterprise Content Management solution is the digital conversion of your information assets (also known as document backfile conversion). Whether your data resides on paper, microfilm, in electronic files or a combination, Edge Systems is prepared to help you convert your information assets into a gold mine of information.

Industry experience:

Founded in 1985, Edge Systems has a wealth of experience in office automation technology, including comprehensive experience in imaging and document management solutions since 1994. We recognized early on that document backfile conversion was the first critical step in image enabling your enterprise. We decided to put together a comprehensive program that not only includes the conversion, but resource planning and systems design. Edge provides the capability to function as a stand-alone image conversion facility or we can integrate the Backfile conversion into our IMEDGE imaging solution.

Our conversion services

Edge will convert documents from any source including paper and microfilm, as well as optical and other digital formats. We can convert images from other imaging platforms as well. Edge can pick up your documents for scanning and bring them to our facilities in Chicago, or a scanning operation can be set up on your premises. We then deliver the data in any format you require on virtually any media, including CD-ROM magnetic or optical disk.

Specifically Edge offers comprehensive backfile conversion services, including:

Paper Document Scanning: Edge systems deploys a wide variety of state of the art scanning equipment to scan virtually any paper document up to larger size engineering drawings. Our comprehensive IMEDGE indexing software allows us to customize your indexing needs to the specific requirements of your project.

Microfilm: Edge employs film scanners that effectively handle both 16mm and 35mm roll film.  We can convert literally millions of microfilm images to digital format using automated indexing tailored to your specific requirements.

Electronic files: Edge can also convert data that already exists in electronic format and convert it into a variety of formats including PDF and HTML to name a few. We will also convert a variety of proprietary electronic formats into a more industry-accepted format based on your specifications.

OCR/ICR: Edge can read the text from paper documents and convert it into electronic format. We can also process forms using ICR software that reads a machine or hand printed form and converts the text into data.

Comprehensive document conversion facilities

Edge has comprehensive scanning operations in Chicago, IL






Full consulting services

As a systems consultant Edge can help you plan your entire conversion process form start to finish…etc. Conversion Planning Services, etc.

Edge Systems offers comprehensive Document Backfile Conversion services, including:

- Conversion planning and consulting services

- Full project management

- Document preparation

- High-speed, high volume scanning

- Conversion of paper, microfilm

- Quality control review of each document

- Document indexing

- Output to optical or magnetic media

- Pick-up and delivery of documents