Chicago City Clerk


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After every Chicago City Council meeting, the City Clerk's Council Division received thousands documents that had to be manually organized, managed, and made available in the form of a "Journal of Proceedings" by the date of the next Council meeting. All of this manual work led to excessive storage expenses and employee overtime compensation costs.

Edge Systems designed an IMEDGE document management system that goes to work immediately following a Council meeting. Documents are scanned and indexed into the system by City Clerk employees. The document images are stored on permanent optical storage to facilitate rapid retrieval, eliminate storage problems, and comply with record keeping laws.

With the new system, employees are able to complete the Journal of Proceedings production process within a matter of a few workdays, and there is rarely a need to work overtime. Documents are quickly retrieved electronically, eliminating the need to look through boxes, vaults and warehouses. Storage space is drastically reduced because document images are now stored on optical disk media.