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US Army Environmental Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds


The US Army Environmental Center (USAEC) Northern Regional Environmental Office is located at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, bordering the Chesapeake Bay. USAEC's mission is to enhance readiness and training, and improve quality of life through sound stewardship of the environment. This Army division works in concert with federal, state and local agencies to manage environmental conservation and restoration projects as diverse as beach erosion control and the disposal of dangerous chemicals.

Operating within the guidelines of federal record keeping directives, USAEC maintains comprehensive records for all of its past and present projects. A records management group is responsible for developing and maintaining an automated database for environmental management, acting as a central repository for environmental records and files dating back to the 1800s. A group of 25 employees handle the archival of incoming environmental project data and fulfill requests for the data, which regulatory agencies and the Army itself use to track the progress of its projects.

The organization needed to improve an outdated and cumbersome process for tracking and accessing large volumes of environmental project data. Records management personnel manually searched for historic records. Data was stored in paper folders in file cabinets on site at the Aberdeen location. The volume of incoming paper was growing at an astronomical rate, filling 150 new file cabinets each year. Due to space considerations, older files had to be stored at remote storage facilities, making access more laborious and increasing the time it took to fulfill requests. Tracking where records were located and who was using them was also difficult. USAEC's method of records management had resulted in increased costs and delays in project completion times.

The USAEC needed a more efficient way to store and access environmental project data and turned to Edge Systems, LLC to design a document management solution to meet their production level needs. Edge Systems implemented a comprehensive IMEDGE Enterprise Content Management Solution to handle the management, storage and distribution of USAECís documents in both high-transaction, client/server and Internet/intranet environments.

By using IMEDGE, USAEC transformed their outdated record keeping system into an automated storage and retrieval system for high-volume management of environmental project data that complies with federal records management requirements. The solution completely changes what was previously a labor ≠intensive work process. Each incoming project document now receives its own barcode which contains indexing information unique to that document. It is then scanned into the system, which creates a perfect image of the original document. The document then undergoes quality assurance before it is committed to optical storage.

With the new barcode, USAEC has been able to automatically index records and is now processing incoming data at true production levels. An average of 200 new project folders become available each day, which can immediately be viewed and retrieved by multiple users simultaneously. Archived documents have also been scanned and added to the IMEDGE solution, allowing the USAEC to eliminate 12 million pages from warehouse storage.

With the help of Edge Systems and its IMEDGE Solution, records management for USAEC now operates in an efficient and logical manner. Requests for data are instantly fulfilled allowing environmental projects to remain on schedule.