Aberdeen Proving Grounds

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The USAEC needed a more efficient way to store and access environmental project data, which was deluging the Center at the rate of 150 new filing cabinets each year. Edge Systems provided the USAEC with an automated storage and retrieval system for high volume management of environmental project data that complies with federal records management requirements.


Each incoming project document now receives its own barcode which contains indexing data unique to that document. It is then scanned into the system, which creates a perfect image of the original document. The document then undergoes quality assurance before it is committed to optical storage.


With the new system, USAEC has been able to automatically index records and is now processing incoming data at true production levels. An average of 200 new project folders become available each day, which can immediately be viewed and retrieved by multiple viewers simultaneously. Archived documents have also been scanned and added to the system, allowing the USAEC to eliminate over 12 million pages from warehouse storage.