Customer Area: Training

System Administrator Training


Audience System Administrator training addresses activities related to installation and maintenance of the IMEDGE system in the customer's operations environment.
Prerequisites System administrators should have technical knowledge of networking, Oracle or SQL*Server database management, Windows 98/2000/NT, and Unix.
Objectives Section Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  Administration tasks Shut down and start up the system.

Install software and track configuration.


  System security

Create and maintain IMEDGE user accounts (as addressed in IMEDGE Administrator training).


Describe the organizationís security policies regarding storage and network security.


  Backup and recovery

Describe the organizationís backup and recovery processes.

Explain the strategy for backing up IMEDGE data and systems.

Identify which files in the IMEDGE system should be backed up and the backup schedule.

Explain the strategy for recovering IMEDGE data and systems in case of system failure.


  Volume administration

Monitor the growth of the storage volume.

Create new storage space.

Duration 8 hours
Class size 2 participants