Customer Area: Training


IMEDGE Administrator Training


Audience IMEDGE Administrator training provides tools and strategies for managing user accounts, queues, and audit reports.
Prerequisites Familiarity with basic computing concepts such as working with windows, using a mouse, and opening/saving/printing files, and with intermediate concepts such as tables, reports, and user accounts.
Objectives Section Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  IMEDGE Overview

Explain the capabilities of the customerís IMEDGE system.

Describe the operating modes and workflow rules in the customerís environment.


  Managing user accounts

Create a user account ďfrom scratchĒ and by using another userís account as a template.

Change a userís password.

Change a userís personal information or access privileges.


Steps for managing documents within work queues

Find a document in a specific work queue and move that document to another work queue.

Find and unreserve a reserved document.


  Viewing audit reports Create an audit trail for a specific user, document, or timeframe.
Duration 4 hours
Class size 2 participants